CLEVELAND.COM: Ohio Businesses Try to Get Employees Vaccinated Against COVID-19

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WASHINGTON, D. C. - Ohio businesses are offering incentives that range from cash bonuses to paid time off to encourage their employees to get coronavirus vaccinations as they try to return to in-person work amid an infection spike caused by the virus’ highly contagious Delta variant.

Ohio Business Roundtable President and CEO Pat Tiberi told a Politico panel that encouraging workers to get vaccinated is “the number-one issue” right now for the state’s employers, although the state is unlikely to get to 100 percent vaccination rate. That’s despite incentives such as Cleveland-Cliffs offering a $3,000 bonus to each vaccinated employee if 85 percent of employees in their unit are vaccinated, and other companies offering paid time off.

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Tiberi said the program helped the company achieve a 97 percent vaccination rate at its corporate headquarters in Cleveland and an 89 percent vaccination rate among blue-collar workers in its Zanesville operation, but some workers can’t be convinced.

“Our employers are overwhelmingly trying to encourage safety in the workplace,” Tiberi said. “Social distancing, same as we did, from the very beginning of this crisis. If you can work at home work at home, we still have a number of people who are doing that. But not everybody can work from home.”

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Alexandra Denney