COVID-19 Resources & Response


As virus transmission stalls due to the availability of the vaccine, the Coalition to Stop the Spread has put its efforts on “pause.” We encourage Ohio businesses to remain diligent in protecting its customers and employees to ensure the coalition will not need to resume. Please see the message below from OBRT President and CEO, Pat Tiberi, with more information.


To my fellow Coalition members,

Ohio, and the nation, finds itself in a much better place today than just 12 months ago. At this time last year, we were approaching our second surge in new COVID-19 cases nationally. We did not have a clear timeline for the vaccine authorizations and fact-based information was difficult to come by. Just a few months later, as we approached the fall surge that would be the grimmest period to date, we saw an opportunity to coalesce the private sector efforts to combat this pandemic, and to protect our families and the economy. The Coalition to Stop the Spread was formally launched on December 1, 2020. 

Here we are, seven months later, and our daily case counts in Ohio are at their lowest point in more than 12 months. Hospitalizations are also on the decline, coinciding with nearly 50% of our state population having started the vaccination process. Needless to say, there are many reasons for celebration and optimism for the days ahead. 

To get to this point, we needed everyone to sing from the same hymnal — to tout the importance of good safety practices and amplify the facts about the vaccines that are doing wonders to protect those who have opted for the shots. 

I applaud the first responders and medical community for their tireless dedication to everyone's health and safety. I applaud Governor Mike DeWine and elected officials who took this pandemic seriously from day one and served as a model for the nation. And I applaud our private sector organizations, leaders and workforce for all you have done — and continue to do — to protect your teams, your customers and communities. Your work with the Coalition to Stop the Spread, as well as your efforts to fight COVID-19 in general, showcased the critical role that the private sector plays in protecting our communities beyond our businesses. Public health is a responsibility we all share and take seriously. 

Due to the state of the pandemic today, we are pausing our efforts with the Coalition to Stop the Spread as of June 30, 2021. For that reason we have redirected the coalition website to this OBRT page, and have made a couple resources available below should they be helpful to you. I say “pause” deliberately because this virus has made abundantly clear that it is, above all, resilient. It would be foolish to proclaim victory at this time. So, while our Coalition content is on hold, let’s stay diligent to ensure we never need to turn it back on again. 

Above all, thank you — for your leadership, your partnership and your dedication to Ohio’s present and future. If I or our team at Ohio Business Roundtable can be of any assistance going forward, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


Pat Tiberi
President and CEO
Ohio Business Roundtable


Employer-Hosted Vaccination Clinics

At the beginning of April, Governor Mike DeWine announced that Ohio employers would be able to partner with vaccination providers in order to offer their workforce the opportunity to get the vaccine on-site at the employer's facility.

Ohio Business Roundtable encourages members and employees to take advantage of this resource as we work toward community immunity. Below is a list of OBRT members who are approved vaccine providers that you can partner with to provide on-site vaccines for your workforce.

Each OBRT member logo below links to an email for the company’s representative who is responsible for coordinating employer vaccination sites.

Public-Private Partnership on Unemployment Fraud

P3 Logos.png

At the request of Governor DeWine, Ohio Business Roundtable established a public-private partnership with ODJFS and several OBRT members in order to address the rampant unemployment fraud that has occurred as a result of the unprecedented demand for unemployment benefits.

Led by Jeff Ficke, a former Fifth Third executive, the P3 Partnership is working to identify the best solutions for the unemployment system's call center, claims processes, and fraud detection.

At the height, it was estimated that Ohio was paying nearly $330 million to fraudulent unemployment claims in 2020. The P3 partnership has been able to greatly reduce that, and according to a recent report, is being recognized nationally for the efforts that have led to a sizable reduction in unemployment claims.

Click here to view the latest report from the P3 partnership.

Member Response Efforts