OBRT Submits Opponent Testimony on House Bill 248 - Anti-Vaccination Legislation

On Tuesday, the Ohio House Health Committee returned to Columbus early from their summer break to hear testimony on House Bill 248. The legislation would prohibit any entity in Ohio from requiring proof of vaccination for customers or employees.

On behalf of the Ohio Business Roundtable, Pat Tiberi submitted testimony opposing the legislation stating: “Beyond the dangerous implications that this would have for public health, I write to raise concerns about the clear government overreach that this legislation will inflict on Ohio businesses, large and small.”


You can find Pat Tiberi’s full testimony here.

In addition to the overburdensome regulation that this legislation would impart, in speaking to the Columbus Dispatch Tiberi also noted that this would be a huge threat to Ohio’s economy as companies consider expanding or relocating to the state. Citing recent announcements from Google and Peloton, Tiberi said “those investments would not be possible with a restrictive law like House Bill 248.”

In the hours leading up to the committee hearing, Speaker Bob Cupp (R-Lima) issued a statement saying that Tuesday’s hearing would not include any amendments or a vote on the legislation, and following the conclusion of the hearing the committee would take a pause on any further actions on the bill.

“I applaud the Speaker in slowing the progress of this bill in order to allow for more thoughtful consideration of the implications of such a policy,” Tiberi said.

Alexandra Denney