Pat Tiberi Issues Statement Following Biden Vaccine Mandate

COLUMBUS—Pat Tiberi, President and CEO of the Ohio Business Roundtable, issued the following statement regarding President Biden’s announcement that the Department of Labor will issue a rule requiring vaccination or once a week testing for companies with more than 100 employees.

“Consistent with the Ohio Business Roundtable’s position that the government should not dictate to employers the best way to run their business, this proposed vaccine mandate outlined by President Biden is yet another example of government overreach.

Just as the Ohio Business Roundtable members leaned in by establishing the Coalition to Stop the Spread, they have also leaned in on vaccine education and incentives. While our members firmly believe the COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective, we also believe employers should have the autonomy to decide what is best for the health and safety of both their customers and employees.

Furthermore, this mandate will put businesses at an even greater disadvantage for finding employees to fill the tremendous workforce gap that already exists.”

The Ohio Business Roundtable has voiced similar opposition to House Bill 248, a state proposal that would prevent any business—including hospitals—from requiring employees to get the vaccine.

Alexandra Denney