Pat Tiberi Testifies Against House Bill 218

This week, OBRT President and CEO, Pat Tiberi, provided in-person testimony on House Bill 218, which would greatly diminish businesses' ability to require vaccinations for their employees. 

In his testimony, Pat urged the Ohio Senate committee members to oppose the legislation because it constitutes significant government overreach in telling business leaders how to run their companies, and is also in conflict with Ohio's status as an at-will state.

Pat also said that employers must retain the right to do what is best for their workforce, especially considering the significant impact unvaccinated workers can have on the business's health care costs.

"As we yet again deal with the consequences of losing another Congressional seat - a true measure that we are falling behind some of our key competitors - now is not the time to tie the hands of Ohio's employers with additional regulations."

You can read Pat's entire testimony here.

Pat Tiberi testifies in front of the Senate General Government Budget Committee

Alexandra Denney