State Budget Includes Large Broadband Investment

After receiving much support from a wide variety of advocacy groups—including business organizations—the Ohio Legislature last week passed its state operating budget with $250 million allocated toward increasing broadband access.


The virtual world is imperative for so many aspects of our daily lives—jobs, education, healthcare—and a family’s geographic location should not be a hinderance to their ability to prosper.

Included in the House's version of the budget was $190 million to fund broadband access and expansion projects. The Senate's budget, however, stripped that funding completely citing concerns that they wanted to make sure the money was allocated appropriately and made an effective impact.

In the final days of the budget process, that funding was restored, with a sizeable addition of dollars. With $250 million allocated for broadband enhancements, the legislature is laying the groundwork for equitable Internet access in all corners of the state.

The Ohio Business Roundtable was proud to support broadband access and infrastructure funding, and look forward to seeing Internet access become more equitable throughout the state.

Alexandra Denney